"This book ROCKS... It's unexpectedly entertaining and enlightening (pun intended)... There are no fads here, kind of like having a groovy guy in your living room who is incredibly knowledgeable about how your body works and what it needs, and understanding about resistance to change, but who will also inspire you to start thinking about what you're putting in your body, and to get off your ass… I loved it!!!"

-Ally Hamilton, Santa Monica Power Yoga

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Los Angeles Yogi Times
Nov 2006, issue 47

Amongst the steady deluge of fat loss books focusing on quick fixes and radical lifestyle changes, Your Fat is a refreshing antidote. Author Jay Co lays out 11 simple rules for you to follow for successful fat loss. Some will be easier to adhere to, but each one is practical and straight-forward. A yoga instructor and personal trainer with a degree in Biology, Co combines his areas of knowledge into a useful manual for the not-so-fanatical dieter.

Your Fat doesn't provide a magical solution, but rather a slow and sensible formula that, if followed, will over time lessen the amount of fat you carry. Co doesn't use scare tactics, nor does he dumb down the scientific aspects of his claims. His rules - eat many small meals, drink more water, watch less television - make sense and you've heard them before, but Co keeps them fresh, motivating you into actually implementing them this time around. The easy-to-use information, the conversational tone and author's sense of humor make Your Fat a fun and quick read, and a great reference book for your kitchen shelf.

reviewed by Amy Maloof


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